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Personal Letter from the Library Board President

Happy Holidays and thank you for your patronage of the Library this past year.  I have much to tell you as 2017 comes to an end.

The first thing that needs to be recognized is the status of the Library.  Since 2015, every year the circulation numbers have increased.  The circulation numbers at the Library for 2017 have reached an all-time high.  Higher circulation (checkouts plus renewals) equate to more county reimbursement and more opportunities for positive growth.  Participation in our adult and children's programming shows us that this Library is an integral part of this community.

Secondly, a couple of much needed building improvements were done, however, after years of no maintenance, there are many more issues that need attention if this community wants to keep this historic building going.  Many of these building issues have been identified, however, there was no consideration or money provided in the budget to support fixing these issues.

Thirdly, an area business generously donated additional bookshelves.  This is the second time this company has assisted the D.R. Moon Library with such a generous donation.  All the shelving has been installed free of charge by Director Lori and her husband, Mike.

Sadly, the D.R. Moon Library and its future is in serious jeopardy!  The City Council has followed through on the past threat to reduce or defund the Library.  As a reminder, Director Lori discovered the double charging of benefits including WRS and FICA in 2015, which she stopped.  After Kris and Diane left City Hall, Director Lori was forced to stop double charging of benefits again in 2016.  It was reported in the Stanley Republican, then Mayor Mike Henke threatened Director Lori that "she had better learn to work with the City or he would cut her budget to nothing."  Since then, every argument between the Library and the City is associated with the actions of the City arbitrarily charging library accounts without the approval of the Library Board.  As we have repeatedly informed the City and City Council, these actions are a direct violation of state law.  It has been repeatedly printed in the Stanley Republican that the Library is "fighting" with the City.  I would like all of you to clearly understand that we are not fighting with them, we are simply notifying them to correct their actions that violate Statute.  I regret to inform you that the decision of City Council to drastically cut the library budget for 2018 will have an adverse effect on the Library, the library employees, the growth of the Library, and the circulation materials being provided to this community.  It is my belief that their decision will erase the positive growth that has occurred since 2015.  

It is understood that this community is faced with a $28,000,000.00 debt, but that debt was created by the decision making abilities of the City Council Members, and had nothing to do with the Library.  Other city departments seem to have an influx of available money where these other departments get new vehicles, more personnel, new equipment, and raises for all.  Were these new vehicles, equipment, etc, actual needs or were they wants?  I believe this community NEEDS the Library!  The decision to cut the budget seems to be more in retaliation for stopping the double charging, the refusal of the Library Director to go along with questionable accounting practices, and due to Clark County investigating the years of missing money.

In closing, if you want a Library in this community, please seek our your Ward Council Member and voice your opposition to their decision.

Carol Schultz

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